Just a Few Suggestions
to Make For a Smoother Snack Time...
~  Please help your child to bring a healthy snack to school each day! (I just love to  
     see carrots, apples, whole wheat pretzels, raisins, etc.!)
~  Please keep sugary snacks to a minimum.
Snacks should be "dry" - such as crackers, cheese, apple chunks, chips, pretzels.
    (Please no "wet" snacks such as yogurt, fruit cups, or applesauce etc.) 
~  We will be taking a "working snack" break each day and don't want our     
     beautiful work to become soiled.
~ Regarding eating lunch: You may want to remind/encourage your child to eat 
    his/her "growing food" before eating dessert! (Sometimes while I am on lunch
    duty I will see the cookies or cupcakes eaten before the sandwich - occasionally
    even in place of it!)
Eat Healthily! Mrs. Mergott
Last Modified on October 15, 2015