Harassment-Intimidation-Bullying (HIB)

Harassment-Intimidation-Bullying (HIB)

The "Anti-Bullying Bills of Rights Act" enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey, requires that the following staff contacts and district policies be posted:

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator:

Dr. Sally Klemm, Director of Special Services, sklemm@btschools.org, 908-537-4044, ext. #1233, 940 Iron Bridge Road, Asbury,  NJ  08802


School Based Anti-Bullying Specialists:

Thomas B. Conley School:  Ms. Rebecca Billera, School Counselor, rbillera@btschools.org, 908-537-4044, 940 Iron Bridge Road, Asbury, NJ  08802
Ethel Hoppock Middle School:  Mrs. Kamerone Jeter, School Counselor, kjeter@btschools.org, 908-479-6336, 280 Asbury-West Portal Road, Asbury, NJ  08802

Click here to access the NJDOE Website for more information about the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR) and the 2022 updates.

Click here to access the approved BOE HIB policy.